How to Deal With Hateful People in Your Life

You will come across a hateful person now and then. This isn’t anything that you will have done. It’s a case of someone else being jealous, petty or just not happy with something that you have managed or accomplished in your life. It’s important to deal with these people professionally and maturely. Here are six ways to deal with the hateful people in your life.

Ignore Their Snide Comments

Try to ignore the snide comments as much as possible. They can hurt, but that’s what they want to happen. They will keep doing it if they find that they are affecting your confidence and ability to do things.

It’s best to just walk away and not show them that they bother you. When you get home, call a trusted friend and talk about the situation. Your friend will be able to help you see the truth and just how awful this other person has been.

Try Not to Engage

Don’t argue back. Remember that the hateful person wants a rise out of you, and enjoys the arguments.

The only time it is worth engaging is if the comments are blatant lies and spoken to others about you, rather than directly at you. If you do decide to engage, do it firmly, calmly and with good defences against anything that is said to your face.

Have Your Friends for Backup

Friends are important when dealing with hateful people. They can help set the record straight, and will be there as backup when the time comes.

Confide in everything that has been said in the past, and ask them to be there on the day you decide on confront the person. Don’t let them stand right behind you, but make sure they’re in earshot and will come to your defence when necessary.

Remain Calm and Collective

Avoid rushing into an argument and getting worked up about it. This is what the hateful person wants, and she’s not going to listen to a word you say. Spend some time collecting your thoughts together and remain calm during any interaction you have.

The calmer you are, the more positive you come across. It will annoy the other person, so she is forced to become worked up.

Don’t Stoop to Her Level

Avoid stooping so low that you become hateful towards her. There is nothing wrong with feeling sorry for her, or wishing her the best.

It shows that you’re kind, generous and treat people the way you would like to be treated—instead of treating people the way you are treated. It’s hard to treat someone horribly if they’re nice to you!

Take Criticism Constructively

There may be things that she says that you can work on in yourself. Turn the interaction into one that you can learn from, and take her criticisms onboard. Yes, there are some that are pointless, but there will be some that really work for you.

Remember to thank her for them and show just how much of a better person you are because of them.

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