Why Writing a Book About Your Breakup Could Be Good

Have you ever considered writing a book about your worst breakup? You look back thinking that you’ve learned so much from it; so much that you couldn’t gain from books. Surely your tips and advice could help others. That is definitely true. If you’re ready, it could be time to put your heartbreak on paper. Here are some reasons to consider doing it.

You Want to Help Others

This isn’t just about you. You really want to get your words out there so you can inspire and help other people. When you were going through a breakup, you really struggled to find the tips and advice to help you.

Now that you’ve been through it, you want to offer that help and fill the gap in the market. If there really is a gap, you could find your book snatched up like hot cakes.

It’s a Form of Therapy

You could still be going through the breakup drama, but it is a good way to deal with it. Therapists often recommend writing in a diary to get through your bad times and to record those small glimpses of good moments.

Your book could just be a memoire of your breakup, which could help others. It’s best to change the names and places to help protect the identities of others though.

You Made a Lot of Mistakes

You possibly made every mistake there is to make in handling a breakup.

Sometimes that is great for others who have just found out their boyfriend is dumping them. You surely want them to avoid all the bad things, and just concentrate on the healing process. Your words can stop them from making the bad decisions because they see just how it could play out.

Teach the Other Half Some Things

Sometimes you want the person doing the breaking up to know just how devastating it can be. Instead of writing a book about how to deal with the breakup, you can write one about what it’s like to go through it.

It teaches those doing the breakup just what emotions a person deal with, and the tasks they have to focus on every day. Your ex may not have realised that calling you was killing you, but you want to save another girl from going through it.

Make Some Money from His Mistake

Show your ex just how much of a mistake it was. When you create a book, you can sell it and start making money from it.

He will soon realise that you’re profiting from his decisions in a way that he will never be able to. You’re also being practical in your ways. There is nothing wrong with feeling smug about that.

Build a Website

Your book is usually the first step to building a website for yourself. You could create a full website dedicated to helping people deal with breakups, and even offer tips on how to do the breaking up easily, quickly and without the hurt.

Not only does this help people right now, but you can constantly add more information to it.

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