5 Things Your Guy Doesn’t Want to Hear About Your Ex

When it comes to starting a relationship, the question about the exes is going to come up. You both want to know about your previous significant others and you want to share the ups and downs of the relationships, including why you broke up with them. However, there are certain things your new guy really doesn’t want to know about your ex-boyfriend.

Your Heart was Broken

If your new guy hears that you struggled to get over your ex-boyfriend, he may question whether you’re really over him. This is especially the case if you bring it up on a regular basis. He’ll understand if the breakup was terrible, but he doesn’t want to know that your heart was completely shattered; even if it was.

He had Lots of Money

Your current boyfriend may be a little unsure about his financial situation. Even if he is happy with his current situation, he doesn’t want to know how much money your ex had.

It’s going to make him feel bad when he can’t take you to all the expensive restaurants, take you on the trips or buy you all those beautiful gifts that you are so used to in relationships.

Even if you’re happy with snuggling on the couch, the idea of going somewhere exciting is always going to be at the back of your mind.

You Share a Spot

You’re going to restaurant and you suddenly exclaim how your ex brought you here at some point in the past. Yes, it’s in the past but that doesn’t help your current boyfriend.

He wants your experiences together to be your first, even if they’re really not. Now you’ve told him you’ve been there before with your ex, he’s going to wonder what your ex did and whether he’s beating the guy. It’s best just to stay quiet. You could always fib and say you went somewhere with your girlfriends or family.

Your Future Plans

You made plans with your ex. That’s common and understandable. But guess what? He really doesn’t want to hear about those plans that you both made. Even if you really liked the plans, this new guy isn’t your ex.

You’re both going to want to make new plans together that focus on the things that you both want to do. Stop thinking about those other plans you made and start focusing on your new ones.

The Bedroom Activities

One thing your new guy is really going to hate is being compared to your ex in the bedroom. That means he doesn’t want to hear anything about the things you both used to get up to in the bedroom or whether he was any good in bed.

If you’re mentioning your ex in the bedroom, it means the guy is still on your mind and that doesn’t sound too great for your current boyfriend. Think about it: do you really want to hear about your boyfriend’s exes when you’re doing the dirty?

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