6 Easy Evergreen Kama Sutra Positions

The Kama Sutra is a tantalizing ancient manuscript dealing with the art of making love. Comprised of 1250 versus, divided into 36 chapters, it’s a deeply insightful and profoundly spiritual manuscript on the art of fulfilling living and, having noted that, lets jump straight to the juicy bits! Try these six sexy positions for some erotic adventure.

 1. The Scissor

You lie down flat (place a pillow beneath your hips for comfort) while your man kneels down in front of you. He’ll lift your legs by the ankles, spreading them wide apart as he kneels while penetrating deeply.

Highly stimulating for him and you but allowing maximum penetration, he has to take care not to hurt you.

Turn up the heat by trying this on the kitchen table with your man standing at the edge of the table – he’ll drive you crazy when he enters let him to cross your legs so that you both feel the thrill of him squeezed tightly inside you.


2. The Crab

The wow-factor of this position lies in the ease with which you can stimulate your G-spot.

He lies on his back with knees slightly raised. Facing him, you straddle him, with legs stretched out over his chest and feet placed firmly behind his shoulders.

Place your hands upon his knees for support. The harder you ride the deeper the sensations.

3. The Rocking Horse

Your man sits cross-legged, supporting his weight with arms stretched out behind him. You settle down, kneeling over his lap while he penetrates from below as you lower down and bounce.

The level of penetration depends on you. Get even naughtier by letting him lean his back against a wall to steady him so that his hands are free to drive you wild with naughty caresses.



4. Doggy Style

This text-book Kama Sutra style provides optimal pleasure by positioning the vagina at an ideal angle for hitting the elusive G-spot, over and over again from the very first thrust.

You go down on all fours stretching your arms out ahead of you for balance and support. Keep your head down and try not to arch your back while he kneels behind you and thrust into you from behind.

5. The Grip

In this position your man will be on all-fours over you, as you lie on your back while lifting your hips up toward his groin to allow for penetration.

To ease some of the strain, place a cushion beneath your so he can fire-away without putting too much strain on you.


6. The Waterfall

This style has an off-the-wall wow-factor. Your man sits down with legs stretched out in front of him and back against a wall.

Facing him, you then straddle him, while lift your legs up so that they hang over his shoulders.

Lie back between his legs and allow him to thrust away while stimulating your clitoris and breasts with his free hands. It won’t be long before you understand how this position got its name!

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