Don’t Be the Fashion Faux Par: Make Your Wardrobe Last Year Round

You don’t want to have to buy new clothes every season. You want a wardrobe that lasts for the whole year, whether it’s summer, winter or that annoying in between. Follow these tips and have a wardrobe that works in all seasons, whether you’re knee-deep in snow or planning a trip to the beach!

Take the Minimalist Approach

While you want to be fashionable, you want to be warm/cool and work with your own personality. The best way to do that is opt for the minimalist approach.

Don’t buy all the new trends and have a few key pieces that are light in weight and have a neutral colour. Have a few light beige tops or linen white trousers to work well with the rest of your wardrobe.


Will You Wear Them?

Too many women end up with wardrobes full of clothes that they never wear. They buy them during the in-season and find that they go out of fashion quickly.

Before you pay for the clothes, ask yourself if you will ever wear them and whether it is just a current trend. It may be worth holding off for a couple of months to see if the clothes are still around to know if it was a fad or not.


Look After Your Clothes

You wash your hair with the right shampoo. You wash your skin with products that are suitable for it and will help it glow. Now it is time to do the same for your clothes.

Think about the temperature the washing machine is on and the type of detergent you use. If you look after your clothes, they will look just like new; even a year later!

Use the Advantage of Layers

If you want to wear a pretty lace top in the winter, there’s nothing stopping you! You can still make it work by adding layers so you dress for the season.

Look through your wardrobe for pieces that will work together during later months; avoiding the hiding underneath hoodies and sweaters when it gets cold!


Mix and Match Accessories

You can make an old piece of clothing look new with some different accessories. Try some new jewellery, a new jacket or pair of shoes to add something different to your look.

This works great by buying something small for the season and making your favourite top/skirt/trousers/dress work for any time of year.


Make Changes to Old Clothes

Get the scissors, dye and your creative juices together and make a few changes to your old clothes. Turn old, worn jeans into shorts for the hotter weather.

Add a second, longer layer to an ancient t-shirt to give it sleeves and make it work for the winter. You’ll be surprised at the new clothes you have.


Swap with Friends

When you start to struggle with your wardrobe, swap clothes with your friends. You will get a whole new wardrobe for nothing!

You could use the tips above to make their clothes work for all occasions and seasons.

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