Safety Tips to Enjoy Your Night Out

You may have heard in the news lately about the women who are attacked while on a night out. This is usually because they have drunk too much and become vulnerable. While they’re not the blame for the attack, there are some things that they could have done to prevent it. The next time you go out, try these safety tips so you can enjoy your night out in peace.

Always Go Out and Stay in a Group

Even if it’s just a couple of other girls, go out and stay with a group.

The attacks are more likely to happen when women are alone. If you can, have a male there with you.

This helps to considerably reduce the chance of being attacked since it looks like there is someone there to fight back for you.


Never Let Your Eyes of Your Drink

Unless you leave it with a friend you trust, you should never leave your drink unattended. This is an open invitation for someone to slip something into it.

When you have your drink in your hand, keep it covered as much as possible; bottles are easy for this by covering them with your thumb. If your drink is left unattended, leave it and buy a new one.

Keep Your Eye on a Drink Someone Buys for You

The best thing to do is not accept a drink from someone else and buy your own but if you do then you need to keep an eye on it.

Watch the bartender pour it and take hold of it right away. Again, this helps to avoid something being slipped into it when you’re not looking.


Have a Designated Driver

Even if you’re not travelling by car, arrange for one member of the group to not drink alcohol. Have a rota for each time that you go out so it is fair on everyone.

The sober person is the one responsible for everyone getting home on time and looking after people. This will also be the person to drive if you do decide to take the care anywhere.

Keep the Group Together

Don’t let anyone wonder off on their own. Keep the whole group together—the bigger the better.

If there is a problem with getting into a place because you have a large group, consider splitting into smaller sections until you get in but make sure everyone gets in before doing anything else.

Those without ID should go to the front to avoid issues later on.


Keep Your Phones On You

Staying in contact with everyone is no longer impossible!

Keep your phone with you at all time and phone people if anyone goes missing.

Watch the Amount You Drink

Avoid overdoing it. You don’t need alcohol to have fun! You want to remember the night and enjoy the next morning.

Watch how much you drink so that you are in more control throughout the night. Being intoxicated is a sign for attackers that you’re an easy target.

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