6 Things to Consider Before You Go on That Second Date

You’ve ended the first date and now you’ve had a call for a second one. Do you say yes or no? Before you decide to go on it, you need to think about how the first date went. Here are some of the things that you must consider.

How Did the First Date Go?

Think about the first date and make a list of the things you enjoyed and you didn’t enjoy. Really assess how it went and whether you want to try it again.

If it went wrong due to mistakes out of both of your control, you may want to try again. If you found it mind-numbingly boring, do you really want to put yourself through that again?


Are You Interested in Him?

Now you need to think about the person. The date may have gone well but the guy may not have been that interesting. Consider whether you find him interesting at all, or whether you found him dull and boring.

You also want to think about whether you’re physically attracted to him. Remember that he may have been nervous on the date, so that may also have affected his personality.

A second date may be easier for you if there is something about him that’s interesting.

Do You Really Want That Second Date?

Is that second date something that you really want to go on? Maybe you’re doing it more out of boredom than anything else.

Really think about your feelings and whether that date is something you really want to go on. If you’re doing it out of boredom, you’re leading him on and it’s just not fair on him.


Was He Pleasant?

Think about his personality and how he acted on the date. Was be pleasant or did he come across as arrogant and annoying? Maybe he seemed more like an excited child than a grown adult that you can have a conversation with.

Yes, he may have been nervous, but that doesn’t give him a reason to act out or act cocky to cover it up. If you didn’t like his personality on the first date, there are high chances you won’t on the second.

Did He Find You Interesting?

Did he want to know more about you or was the date all about him? Really think about whether he listened to anything you said and wanted to find out more about you.

If he didn’t, there are high chances that he just wants you for something on his arm and not a full relationship. This could have been out of nervousness, so you may want to go on the second date just to find out.


What Are His Future Plans?

You may not have gotten to this point, but think about his future plans. Did he tell you about where he wants to be in five years time?

If so, do they match where you want to be? This could be something you want to go on a second date to find out more about.

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