Make Your Valentine’s Day Special at Home

There is no need to go out on Valentine’s Day. Everything you need is in your home—the only thing you might need is stuff from the grocery store for a dinner. Here are some ways to make your Valentine’s Day special from your own home.

Create Your Own Valentine’s Decorations

There are all sorts of decorations in the stores, like heart-shaped streamers, but you don’t need to buy them. You can easily make your own and they will be much more affordable. The best part is that they become more personalised and special because they are from the heart. Draw out a few designs and create your own special Valentine’s Day decorations.

Make a Heart Pizza

Pizza is a great option for an easy Valentine’s Day meal, and you can make it into something special like a heart. You just need to create your own heart base. For a really easy idea, take a couple of tortilla wraps and cut them into hearts to use as the base of your pizza. It’s not quite the same texture but it’s healthier, quicker and easier than mixing dough.

Create Heart-Shaped Cookies and Cakes

Likewise, you can make your own cookies and cakes and shape them into hearts. These are a little trickier since you need to source the heart shaped cutters and baking tins. The good news is that this time of the year is the perfect time to find them because everyone wants them. Once you buy them, you’ll never have to get them again though!

Candles in a Shot Glass

Want candles but don’t have any holders? They can be so expensive and then you have to buy the actual long candles. The best thing you can do is create your own holders with shot glasses. You just need a few tea lights to place in them. Watch out when lighting so you don’t burn your fingers though! These are also safer if they are knocked over because the flames will take longer to reach something flammable.

Have a Home Pamper Night

If you’re single and have a few single friends, have a pamper night in the home. Get a home manicure set, a few facial kits and enjoy your night in. You can have fun with making a mini buffet or prepare a “romantic” dinner for the group instead. Get the wine out, put the music on, and have a night that you’re all going to remember for the rest of your lives.

Dress Up for a Night In

Just because you’re having a night in doesn’t mean you don’t need to dress up. Consider turning your living room into a cinema and your dining room into a restaurant. Then you can both put on that suit and dress and have the “night out” of your lives. Watch whatever you want, have a meal that you love (even takeout!) and don’t worry about who will pick up the bill or what the other customers are like.

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