He’s Just Not That Into You

Being optimistic and trying to find the bright side is a common attribute that many women share. However, this positive outlook can sometimes blind you from the truth, even if it is right in front of your eyes. Most guys are pretty transparent, so if they are into you signals will be all around.

Some women turn a blind eye to the red flags, because they are in denial and don’t want the relationship to end. If your ultimate goal is a happy and healthy relationship, you must realize when he is just not into you, so you can move on and find your actual love match.

1. He Doesn’t Make An Effort

One thing is common among all males, if they want to be with you, they will make it happen.

If you are always the one making the plans and setting up the dates, then you might want to step back from the situation and reevaluate the relationship.

Laziness is common in guys, but if you are doing all the work so early in the relationship, this may be a sign that he’s not all that interested in your company.


2. You Are The Giver He Is The Taker

Sorry ladies but if your interaction involves the following activities, then he may not be your love match, but you are definitely his personal assistant:

  • Bake him Goodies regularly
  • Cook Dinner Often
  • Chaffier Him In Your Car
  • Give Him Money
  • Wash His Clothes

All of these activities are huge red flags that he may be using your relationship to get what he wants.

A give and take is natural in every relationship, but you shouldn’t be doing all the giving.

3. Your Relationship Is Purely Physical

It is healthy to begin your relationship by intimately getting acquainted with one another, but this shouldn’t be the only aspect of your bond. There has to be a deeper connection forged.

If he shows no interest in having a “real” relationship with you, then you must take a hint and move on to someone that will appreciate all of you.


4. You Haven’t Met His Friends Or Family

Meeting the important people in your significant others life is an important step in any relationship.

Many women rationalize not being introduced to friends or family by telling themselves that he just wants time.

He doesn’t have to introduce you immediately, but if you don’t meet loved ones within a certain time period, you probably never will.

When he’s will to show you off to his friends that is a statement that the relationship is serious and real.

5. His Ex Is Always On His Mind

If most of your conversation centers around someone from his past, that is a huge sign that he is not emotionally available.

It is a huge mistake to try and build a relationship with someone that is still in love with someone else. Move on before it becomes too complicated, because love triangles are never fun.

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