How To Keep Your Relationship Healthy And Safeguard Your Sex Life

It is inevitable for your relationship to go through a sexual rut. Sex life issues do not only happen because of bad luck or if your relationship has lasted 30 years. Anyone can have issues with their sex life. The important thing is to understand and identify behaviors that are destructive before they become a major issue.

Once you determine what the destructive behaviors are, you can easily work to fix them. It is not as simple as just hoping for the best, but if the behaviors are discovered early you can quickly work to correct the problems. Every couple will experience sexual issues at some point or another. This is normal. In fact, 2 out of 3 people admit to having intimacy issues.

These are just the ones that will admit to it! There are some specific behaviors that will cause a problem for your sex life. Once you understand what the problems are, you can work to correct the behavior and then you will have a better relationship in the bedroom and out.

Your Relationship Has Become Stale

It is true that 90% of all couples have not spiced things up and tried something new in bed since their 1st anniversary. That is depressing. After only two years, the couples are not likely to ever try something different. It is ok to try something new that you are unsure of. If you do not like it, you never have to do it again. You never know, you might have the time of your life.

The best way to fix this problem is to try something new. Talk with your partner about what they would like to try. Compromise so you can come up with something you both will enjoy. You can also try to surprise your partner with something different.

You Bicker Too Much About The Amount Of Sex You Are Having

65% of all couples admit to arguing about the frequency they are having sex. In every relationship, there is a high desire partner and a low desire partner. The low desire partner is the one that control sex because they decide which sexual advances that they are going to respond to.

If they decline a sexual advance, the high desire partner feels rejected and begins to make nasty comments about the amount of sex that the low desire partner wants. Then the low desire partner is hurt by the comments and wants sex even less than before. This is an extremely vicious pattern that causes a sexless relationship.

The best way to fix this issue is to talk about it. It is going to take hard work for mismatched desires to be reconciled (especially in extreme cases) but it is possible when you catch the problem early on. It is important that you express to your partner that you want to work things out and discuss the things that were said.

Both partners need to be open to having sex and to the needs of the other partner. Sex needs to be a priority in the relationship.

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