Choosing The Best Lingerie For Your Body

The time has come for a romantic night with you and your spouse. You want to make the night as sexy as possible, so it is time to choose a little something made out of silk, satin, and lace. However, when you go to the local lingerie shop, there are so many different kinds of nighties, and you are not sure exactly where to start. There are many ways to get a beautiful nightie no matter what your body shape is.

For A Tall Woman:

A woman who is tall has a pair of beautiful long legs. The last thing you want to do is cover up what is undoubtedly your best feature.

The best lingerie for you would be a little as possible. A bra and panty set is the best lingerie for a tall woman.

For an Athletic Woman:

Women who are athletic tend to have nice butts because of all the activity they do.

The best lingerie for a woman that is activity is anything that has a pair of little shorts because they will show off that shapely behind.

For a Petite Woman:

Your build is small, which means you need something that is going to really show off your lovely smaller frame.

A baby doll pajama has a small nightie with shorts, which is going to make your smaller frame look stunning.

A Plus Sized Woman:

If you have a large chest, than anything with a corset is going to look really good on you.

If your chest is small, but your hips are larger, than a teddy or a negligee is a dark color is going to flatter your body and make your hips looks more proportioned to the rest of your body.

A Woman with a Long Waist:

A nice long one piece nightie that goes down to your knees or maybe mid calf is going to make your body look long, which is going to make you look taller and more shapely.

A Woman with a Short Waist:

Nothing is going to make your waist look good than a bra, panties, and garter belt.

The belt should be lacy or silky because its going to draw the eyes right to that beautiful short waist.

A Woman with an Unknown Body Type:

There are some women who have a body shape that is unique and does not fall into just one category. Lingerie that is black and longer is going to flatter your body no matter what kind it is.

You are a beautiful woman, and you want to show the man that you love how much you care about him. You want to share this time together with him, and to make the night romantic, you are on the looking for a nice piece of lingerie.

There are many ways to find that special nightie, but the best thing for you to do is try the nightie on, and then take a look in the mirror to make sure it’s both flattering and beautiful.

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