Sex For A Woman After Age 40 – Myths Versus Truths

Back in the olden days, a woman who turned 40 years old was often associated with being old. However, the truth was that women were not living very long, so 40 was considered to be a pretty advanced age. However, in this modern 21st century, a 40 year old woman is still considered young, and a young woman can still enjoy sex even after she turns 40.

Myth #1: A woman no longer needs sex:

Some women feel that the sexual part of their life is over now that they have turned 40, but the truth is that a woman does not hit her sexual peak until she is in her late 30s up to the age of 40.

At this point in a woman’s life, sex can become a way she can relax and have a lot of fun with her partner.

Myth #2: A woman has a gained weight and feels unattractive:

A woman may gain a little bit of weight because her metabolism is not as active as it was when she was younger. However, not every woman has a weight issue, and this can easily be remedied.

Even if a woman has gained a few pounds, she is still a young and vibrant woman that can enjoy sex even if she is 40 years old.

Myth #3: Menopause is coming and there is no more desire for sex:

Some women experience menopause early, but some women do not start going through the change until they are almost 50.

If a woman does go through menopause at age 40, but if the sex drive has gone down, it could easily be remedied with hormonal therapy.

Myth #4: A woman has no energy for sex:

A lack of energy is not necessarily because a woman is 40. There could be another medical issue going on, and being tired is a big sign of it.

If a woman is chronically tired, she needs to go see her doctor to see what is going on with her body.

Myth #5: It is normal to not want sex anymore after 40:

Once a woman reaches 40, her life may be drastically different then it was as little as 5 to 10 years ago.

However, age truly is a state of mind, and some women find themselves wanting sex more at this age than less.

Myth #6: The same things do not turn a woman on anymore:

While it is true that tastes change, if a woman is not turned on by something, then there are so many different things that can be tried.

There are adult magazines, adult books, and even adult videos that a couple can watch and enjoy together.

Myth #7: Orgasms are not as good after age 40:

A woman’s body does change once she hits 40, but often that change is for the better. Some women claim that their sex lives, and ability to have multiple orgasms, got better once they turned 40.

A 40 year old woman is a mature and vibrant woman whose life is not ending just because she is 40, but is only beginning because the best years of her life have just begun!

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