The Signs Your Dating Standards Are Too High

There is nothing wrong with wanting to find the perfect guy. You may have high standards, and will not settle for anything less. The problem is that those high standards maybe too high. It’s leading to you turning away more guys and you could have doubts about the possibility of finding someone to settle down with. Don’t give up. Take a look at your standards and consider lowering them. Here are six signs you really need to.

You Have Too Much on the List!

When you look at your list of all the boxes he must tick, do you find you’re going page after page of requirements? You may want a guy who is tall, handsome, has great career prospects, wants a family, has great friends, has supportive parents…the list goes on.

Narrow your list down to five essential aspects. Get rid of the tiny ones that really won’t affect the quality of your relationship.

The Standards Aren’t Something You Meet

Look again at your standards. Do you meet all of them? If not, is it really fair that you’re asking a guy to meet standards that you do not. Think about it from the other perspective.

What if a guy was expecting you to meet standards that he doesn’t? Wouldn’t you walk away wondering if anything else in your relationship will be that one-sided?

He Needs to Meet Standards from Day One

You’re on the first date and you’re already checking that he meets all your standards. You’re not going to find out his whole life story or about his friends on the first date.

It’s going to take time, and you need to let it. That time will give you the chance to know him better, and you may find your standards go out of the window.


You’re a Mean Girl

You’ve seen Mean Girls right? Well, you want to watch out for becoming one of them.

Think about the way the girls treated the guys in their lives. They would expect to be waited on hand and foot. That one-sided relationship is not going to work out in the long term, and you need to think about how you would feel if he treated you that way.

You’re Complaining That You’re Single

Do you often find yourself complaining that you’re single? This could be because nobody reaches the standards that you’re setting.

You need to have another look at your list and a good look at yourself in the mirror, and question your standards again.


Your Friends Raise Their Eyebrows

When you tell your friends about your standards how do they react?

Do they nod in agreement or raise their eyebrows at some of the things you expect? If it is the latter, it is a good sign that you expect way too much from guys. Sit down with them and listen to their standards, especially from the ones that are in long term relationships. You could really learn a thing or two.

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