There is nothing wrong with wanting to find the perfect guy. You may have high standards, and will not settle for anything less. The problem is that those high standards maybe too high. It’s leading to you turning away more guys and you could have doubts about the possibility ofRead More →

There is no need to go out on Valentine’s Day. Everything you need is in your home—the only thing you might need is stuff from the grocery store for a dinner. Here are some ways to make your Valentine’s Day special from your own home. Create Your Own Valentine’s DecorationsRead More →

Holidays are a time for family and friends to gather, but on some occasions, you might find yourself spending Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas alone. Whether you have a social anxiety disorder that makes it hard for you to deal with parties or large gatherings or if you have justRead More →

Vacations and travel are a time of relation, exploration and rejuvenation. Sometimes when you are single, it is best to travel to an exotic island on your own. This may seem like a lonely and daunting adventure, but traveling solo allows you to really enjoy the destinations that you visitRead More →

Women and exploration are two discreetly different things as far as considered. It is a wrong notion that exploration and traveling are absolutely male generated stuffs and women do not find any other way rather than following the males in their way of traveling. Security and safety do not permitRead More →