7 Money Saving Tips for Your Budget Wedding

Weddings cost, on average, around £20,000. That’s a lot of money for one day! That doesn’t mean you can’t spend less and still have the wedding day of your dreams. Here are some money saving tips so you get everything while on a tight budget.

Marry Later in the Day

Part of the high cost is due to having a whole day event. The wedding happens in the morning and then there is a long day of photos, foods, drinks and partying afterwards.

The costs soon add up. Instead, opt for having an afternoon service. That way, you only have to book a reception for half the day afterwards, which leads to less food and less money.

Opt for a Smaller Wedding

You don’t have to have every single friend you made throughout your life at your wedding. Many couples are now opting for small events with the people that they care about the most.

It not only keeps the cost down but makes the day about the marriage between you and your partner – not about the day as a whole!

Make Your Own Invites/Decorations/Favours

One of the best ways of keeping the costs down is to make your own items. Start off with the invites to see how well they turn out – you can change your mind on other factors later in the day.

By saving money, you will also be able to put your own personality into your decorations and gifts, which is much more appealing and makes the wedding all about you as a couple.

Limit the Wedding Party

How many bridesmaids are you having? What about the groomsmen, flower girls, page boys and all the rest? By buying their dresses and suits, you will soon see a big increase in wedding costs.

Keep that down by limiting the number of people in your wedding party. Opt for one bridesmaid and groomsman instead of a long list of them.

Ask the Wedding Party to Buy Their Own Dresses/Suits

Don’t spend your wedding budget on the outfits of others. You can ask them to buy their own dresses and suits, giving them instructions on the way that you want them to look.

This is excellent for a low key wedding. If you want to buy the dresses and suits, order them online and ask for them to pay for alterations to fit them.

Ask People to Help as a Wedding Gift


Instead of asking for gifts from people, ask them to help with the costs for the wedding. You could ask one person to find you a good DJ, another person to source the cake and another to help with the favours.

They feel like they’ve contributed and it saves them trying to find wedding present!

Do Your Own Catering

Wedding venues have limitations on food. Everyone has to have the same thing. If you want to offer variety, consider doing your own catering.

This helps to keep the cost down and will help you offer something for everyone.

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