The New Year is a great time for celebration and planning for the future. However, for some it is full of tiredness and something that is known as “the New Year blues.” You are unwinding from the holiday season, trying to catch up on sleep, and know that it isRead More →

There is no wrong or right way to look after your children, as long as they are safe. However, even if they grow up disciplined, happy and healthy, it doesn’t mean you feel the same way. It’s important to look after yourself during those years. It is the best wayRead More →

Weight loss is on the mind for many. Even with Christmas around the corner, women want to be at a weight that they’re comfortable with. The problem is the hurdles that happen along the way. It could be life just getting busy with no time to think of anything else,Read More →

As a woman, you’re no doubt defined by a number of things, and your career is probably one of the most significant of them. Most working women are proud of the careers they build, so when a setback occurs, it can be hard to bounce back. However, there are severalRead More →

Protecting children is the main job for any mum. You want to protect your son or daughter from anything that could happen but that isn’t always possible. Once children get to school, they are open to all sorts of problems, especially bullying. It can leave children depressed and there haveRead More →

The mood is affected by a number of different things. Some of these are physical while others are emotional. Knowing what affects your mood and how is a great way of improving your lifestyle. You will be able to counter the bad with the good very easily. Here are someRead More →

Everyone makes excuses for the things that happen. At times they are legitimate reasons but in the end they are just excuses. You need to take accountability for something happening, going wrong or not working out quite how you planned. If you’re struggling to stop making excuses, here are someRead More →