7 Signs You’re a Bad Worker

Do you think you’re great in the office? Wondering why you keep getting passed over for a promotion or why your boss doesn’t give you more responsibility? It could be because you’re a bad worker. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get the work done but that you show signs that you’re not interested in the company or aren’t willing to work for the team.

Constantly Saying No

While it is difficult to say yes to everything – and you don’t have to – a bad worker will always say no.

You may tell your boss your own opinion on a task or refuse to work to a specification. This shows that you aren’t willing to do what is best for the team or the company.



You Don’t Like Hearing No

When your boss tells you that you can’t do something, how do you react? Everyone will be disappointed but do you take that disappointment to another level?

Do you fake being sick so you can get the day off that you wanted or refuse to do more work until you get your own way?

There is a reason your boss has said no to your request or your opinion and a good worker will accept that.

You Blame Everything on Others

There are times that you do things wrong. A good worker will own up to his or her mistakes, correct them and then move on. A bad worker will find something or someone else to blame the mistakes on.

Of course, if something really isn’t your fault – maybe you were given the wrong instructions to the manager – you need to make sure there is a balance in the workplace.



You Love to Gossip

While everyone loves a good gossip over the water cooler, it’s a bad sign if you’re always the one to start it.

You won’t make friends in the workplace and your boss will find out the person spreading the rumours. You’ll be passed over for promotion every time since you won’t be a team player.

You’re Outspoken

This can be tricky for bosses. While they want someone to meet clients and customers to sell the company, they want someone who will do it with tact – who will put the company first.

If you are outspoken, stubborn and don’t have the ability to know when to keep your mouth shut, your boss will think twice about sending you.



You Think You’re Better

You think you’re better than the clients, than the others you work with or your boss. This is a clear sign that you are a bad worker.

Nobody likes a know-it-all and your boss won’t appreciate being told he’s wrong all the time.


You Can’t Work in a Team

Sometimes you have to do what is best for the team. That may mean doing something that you are uncomfortable with or letting someone else take the lead.

It may mean keeping your ideas to yourself! If you can’t work as a team and always want to lead, you won’t last long in your job.

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