No matter how long you’ve been exercising for, it gets to a point where you just don’t feel like it anymore. You know about the benefits and you know how well it’s worked so far, but you just want a few days off. The truth is you are probably gettingRead More →

Protecting children is the main job for any mum. You want to protect your son or daughter from anything that could happen but that isn’t always possible. Once children get to school, they are open to all sorts of problems, especially bullying. It can leave children depressed and there haveRead More →

IT still seems to be a man’s world. However, more and more women are breaking into it. They can choose to be software developers, alpha testers or even in the support side of things. Here are some tips to help you get a career in this busy area. Get theRead More →

When two people have been lovers for a long time, sometimes the spark that once lit up their bedroom can fade away. Though love is not a problem, the desire to be intimate with their partner is what some women are missing, and it makes things a little awkward inRead More →

Dreaming is a natural part of the sleep cycle. It is the chance for the subconscious to come through and remind the conscious that there is something to do. It is also a time for the brain to just shut down and let your imagination come to life. There areRead More →

Mum forums are everywhere. They allow mums to get together from behind a computer and talk about their day or get tips for parenting. They can be extremely useful, although there are downsides, such as no personal interaction. As a new mum, you may be fed up of just havingRead More →

Not only are business trips rough on working mothers with busy schedules, but they can also be a nightmare for kids. However, for most working professional moms, travel is unavoidable and necessary to your profession. The worst part about goodbye is your child screaming and running after you as youRead More →