How to Juggle Working from Home and Doing the Housework

If you work from home, you likely see a pile of housework that needs doing. It’s really easy to think that you should be looking after the house while you’re there, even though you know you should be working. Here are a few tips to help juggle working from home and all that housework that piles up.

Create a To Do List

At the start of the day, make a list of all the things that you need to do. This should include your work and the chores around the house.

If you have children in the house, then make sure spending time with them is on that list! Once you have a list, you can work through it.











Encourage Your Children to Help Out

If your children are at home during the day and are old enough, encourage them to help out with the tasks.

They can pick up their own toys and put their own clothes away. Older children can vacuum the carpets and even do the washing up!

Take Breaks from Your Work

Your work is more important than the housework – that’s the way that you’re making money –but that doesn’t mean you have to work throughout the day.

Take some breaks here and there to get away from the computer. In just 10 minutes you could get through all the washing up; much better than spending that time on Facebook!



Know Your Best Times for Working

Everyone has certain points in the day when they work better. Find the times of the day that you work better and make sure you work during those hours.

This could be time in the morning while your little one goes down for a nap or in the afternoon when the babysitter is over. You may find that between 9am and 3pm when your children are at school is the best time for working.

You are more productive during these hours and will have more time for the housework later.

Do the Washing Up as You Cook

Instead of letting the dishes pile up, wash them after using them. If you make a sandwich, wash the knife before you start eating.

If you’re using the pans at dinner, wash them when you’re finished with them while waiting for other parts of your dinner to cook. This eliminates all the mess afterwards.



Can You Multitask

Usually it is better to do one thing at once but this does depend on the tasks that you have. For example, could you use speaking software for the computer while you’re doing the washing up?

Could you ring the electricity company while dusting? Be sensible though and avoid trying to do too much at once.


Make the Word No Your Friend

Your working hours are for just that – working! There will be people who want to spend time with you, friends who call and your partner may even want the washing up done for when he gets home.

You need to become friendly with the word no so you can keep working and earn money.

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