How to Make It Clear You’re a Leader

Are you the leader of the pack? Do you like to come up with the solutions and designate them to people in your team? It’s time to make it clear that you’re a leader, but how do you do that without coming across as smug and arrogant? Here are six tips to make it clear you’re a leader politely and interestingly.

Be a Source of Encouragement for Others

Being a source of encouragement is important to show you’re a leader. This is a great way to offer the support and leading them without them often realising.

You could share your tips when someone struggles, or offer advice when they’re suffering. The next time they have an issue, you’ll be the first person they think of to see if you can help again.


Join in With Your Team

Good leaders only give instructions they’re willing to follow. That means you need to get stuck in there with your team. It’s a great way to boost morale, and get them to put their best effort in.

By getting stuck in, you’ll also build trust with your team members. This is a great quality to gain because they will listen to you next time. It also gains their respect since they see you are fair to them.

Remain Loyal

Remember that trust issue? Well, that also comes from being loyal. You need to stick with your team through the good and bad times.

Sometimes you need to take the hit when something goes wrong, instead of letting your team suffer. This is another way to gain their respect. Loyalty also means standing up for them when you know it isn’t something the team has done wrong.


Be a Professional at All Times

It can be hard to stick with this. Someone is belittling you or calling you out. You want to respond in a sarcastic manner or hit back at them. However, it makes you look petty and it’s not a quality of a good leader.

Sometimes you just need to wait for the criticism to end and then walk away. However, there are times you need to answer back; when you have a very good explanation and need to defend yourself or your team.

Stay Positive at All Times

You can’t be negative as a leader. Bad things will happen, and it’s up to your to find answers to the questions and solutions to the problems.

It’s up to you to remain that positive influence when your team’s morale drops. This isn’t always easy, but you will soon stand out from the rest when you continue with the encouragement.


Keep That End Goal in Mind

There’s an end goal for everything, and it’s so important to focus on that. Your team can focus on the right now, but it’s up to you to remain focused on the goal.

You need to stay one step ahead, and keep looking at what you need to do in the future.

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