Simple Tips to Have a Happy and Healthy Working Space

Having a happy and healthy working space is important for all. It boosts morale and productivity levels. Those who work from home or in an office will be able to benefit from doing this. To make your working space healthy and happy, follow these great tips.

Keep Your Desk Free From Clutter

If you have a lot of mess around, you’re not going to be in a happy mood. It not only makes it harder to find things that you need, but you have less space to work.

It is best to spend a day organising your desk, including your drawers, and then maintain that on a daily basis. If you usually have a messy desk because it is big, consider downsizing to avoid the issue.


Step Away from the Office

No-one likes to be cooped up in the same area all the time. Instead of remaining in your office the whole day, take regular breaks. Just stepping away from the desk for five minutes will give you the chance to stretch and recharge your brain cells.

If your boss doesn’t like it, find something productive to do, such as walking to the printer for your own printouts, making cups of tea, or going to the bathroom.

Bring In Your Own Lunch

Don’t be tempted to get the food in the office canteen. If you don’t have a canteen, you may be tempted to get it from a nearby shop. The issue is that none of this is as healthy as you can make.

By taking your own lunch, you can watch your waste and make sure you get your five a day. You’ll know all the sauces that you’re using, and can have something that you really do enjoy.



Make Your Area Personal

Add a photo of your family, or use your own stationary. When it comes to Christmas, Halloween and other seasonal times of year, put some decorations up.

This is much easier if you work from home or have a personal desk or office, but it can be an issue for those with a hot desk situation. However, you could take your things so you can have the up during your working day and take them home on a night.

Get a Plant

If you’re not allowed personal items on your desk, or find that it is just too much hassle, you could consider getting a plant.

Plants are beneficial for the whole office space, since they breathe in the CO2 and breathe oxygen out. Everyone will have a healthier working space.



Encourage Good Posture

You can buy rests that fit on the chairs to help support your lower back. These are great for encouraging good posture, which is a must when you work at a desk all the time.

You need to sit up straight, with your feet firmly on the floor. Avoid crossing your legs or slouching because it causes problems for your spinal alignment, which causes other medical issues.

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