Don’t Let Allergies Get in the Way This Christmas

Don’t you just hate allergies? The summer seems like the most common time of year for them, but you’ll be surprised at the number of people who suffer over the Christmas season. Don’t ruin your holiday season with allergies with these top tips.

Ventilate Your Home

The most common reason for allergies during the winter is lack of ventilation. It’s getting cold and you want to keep the whole house warm. However, dust, pet hairs, and other allergens are spreading around the home with nowhere else to go.

You need to keep your home ventilated. Have the air conditioning unit on low, crack a window open a little, or use the vents at the top of your window to keep the air circulating.



Keep Some Humidity in Your Room

Your nasal passages are more susceptible to irritation during the winter because the air is dryer. You need to keep some humidity in the room, which can be difficult right now.

Your air conditioning unit may be able to help with this, but you could also invest in a humidifier for the home. Invest in a unit that you can move from room to room, and try it overnight to get a better night’s sleep.

Use a Fake Christmas Tree

Real Christmas trees look beautiful and can add to the season, but they will also add to your allergies. The trees are full of mould spores, which cause a problem for your breathing.

The best thing to do is opt for a fake tree. There are some very beautiful ones around, whether you want one with sprayed white tips, acorns hanging on the tips, or even an LED light one to cut down on the number of decorations.



Watch for the Dust

The dust collects on your Christmas decorations over the season. The best thing you can do is clean them before you put them up anywhere. You won’t always see the dust, but it will play havoc with your breathing.

Before putting up any decorations, do a full clean of the house to remove dust from the cabinets, bookshelves, and windowsills.

Have the Allergy Products

Some people know they suffer from allergies this time of year. If you’re one of them, get ready for the season by having your allergy products. There is a range of over the counter medications that will likely help you feel better throughout the season.

Why put up with something when you know you can do something about it? If this is your first year, go out as soon as you can to get the products to reduce the suffering.



Forego the Jumpers This Year

Wool is a common allergen, and is in most Christmas jumpers. If you know that you have a wool allergy, you could wear a T-shirt underneath to limit the material touching your skin.

However, you may find that this year, you are better off missing out on the Christmas jumper. If you really want something festive, look out for long-sleeved cotton Christmas tops.

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