Top Tips for Dressing the Boy Shape

The boy shape is also commonly referred to as the straight up and down shape. This is when the hips, waist and shoulders are all the same size but is not as common as many people think. The good news is that it is the easiest shape to dress for when trying to create the classic hour-glass shape – the shape that every woman wants.

All you need to do is pull in the waist – or at least make it look like there is a waist. You can do this in two ways. You either want to make the shoulders and hips look bigger or make your waist smaller.

Add a Belt

It really is this simple. By adding a belt around your waist, you automatically create the illusion that there is one there. The bigger belts are often better but small, classic designs can work. It all depends on the type of clothes that you have chosen. The best thing is that belts work with any outfit, whether you want a casual look or you need something for a day at the office.

If you don’t have a belt, just use a block colour around your waist. This also helps to draw the attention to the area and makes it look smaller. Darker colours are better for this trick. Any type of material helps with this trick, including scarves.

Add Shoulder Pads or Embellishments

Find jackets that have some small shoulder pads in them to make your shoulders look bigger than your waist. If you’re not a fan of that look, embellishments, like jewels or metal studs on the shoulders of jackets and tops, will give the same effect.

Tailored jackets that pull in at the waist are much better than those that hang straight down. It’s also worth buying those that stop at the waist or just at the tip of the hips instead of those that meet the legs. The hem line of the jackets will draw the attention to the look of a smaller waist.

Flowing Skirts Make the Hips Look Wider

For the hips, focus on flowing skirts. There are different options that work perfectly, including a-line and pleated skirts. Find skirts that sit around your waist and make it look smaller and then tuck your tops in. If you can’t, then use the tip above to create a belt or add a block colour around the waist to make it look much smaller.

The same applies to dresses that you wear. Find those that are fitted until they reach the hips. This will help to make your hips look much larger than they are (without looking too big!) and draw more attention to a smaller waist.

Be Proud of It

Having a boy shape is nothing to be ashamed off. You will be the envy of all your pear and apple shaped friends since you can easily make your waist look smaller so that you have the classic hour-glass shape. You just need to make your shoulders and hips look wider.

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