6 Reasons to Keep All Foods in Your Diet

You hear about all these diets that cut certain types of food out. While they seem like a great idea and you think they’re the reason you’re not losing weight, they’re not actually that good for your health. The body needs all types of foods, whether they are carbohydrates, proteins or even fats! Here are six reasons why you need to keep all foods in your diet.

You Get Nutrients from Them All

All the different foods have different nutrients. Some have more than others, but they all do some good. For example, carbohydrates are better for creating instant energy, while the protein is better for your muscle growth and repair.

If you cut anything out, you’re making your body work harder with the foods you are getting and it could stop the development of something essential.



Stop You Getting Bored

If you cut too much out, you will be severely limited in the things that you can eat.

This ends up with you getting bored, and you go off track with your diet. The variety will give you more things to try, and different meals to enjoy. You look forward to every single meal, and have more difficulty choosing between your options because they all sound so great!

People Want to Eat With You

If you’re on a strict diet, people stop wanting to eat out with you. Those who live with you start to resent you. They’re stuck trying to find somewhere to go that suits your meals.

They can start rolling their eyes when they hear about the list of foods that you can’t have. It’s just easier for them to find someone else to eat with, and you get left out a lot.



You Don’t Get as Many Cravings

When you tell yourself you’re not allowed something, what usually happens? You want it more! This is the same with food. If you tell yourself that you’re not allowed a certain food, you will end up wanting it more and more.

The cravings get to the point where you just give in and completely lose track of the diet, and then you don’t want to get back onto it.

You Could Damage Your Health

There is the risk that your body doesn’t get all the nutrients that it needs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a vitamin, a mineral or an antioxidant; your body needs them all.

The only way you get some of them is through food. Some haven’t even been developed into a supplement to take. Do you really want to put your health at risk?


It’s Something You Can Stick To

A healthy and balanced diet is so much easier to follow. In fact, you enjoy your meals so much that you want to stick to this type of diet.

When you eliminate some foods, you will resent the diet and eventually give up on it. It’s also harder to keep weight off once you reach your goals and start eating the food again.

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