Working from Home and Looking After Children: How Do You Do It?

Some mothers want to make money for their family while raising children. Working from home is seen as the best of both worlds but it is actually very difficult. In fact, many work from home mothers find it really hard to balance their workload and still have time for their family and feel like they’d be better off back in the work place. Here are some tips to help you handle both.

Planning Your Day Is Essential

You need to make a plan. Without this, you will find it near impossible to do work and look after the little ones in the house.

Depending on the type of work you do, you can plan on the morning for the rest of the day or you may have to plan the month before to make sure you have enough work.

Keep a diary with deadlines, work load and meetings so you don’t forget.



Be Ready to Make Some Changes

Things won’t go exactly as you want. You will find that your little ones will sometimes want to play when you just want to work. Be ready to make changes to your day and keep everything as flexible as possible.

When you know you have someone else looking after the children, use it as the time to get as much work completed as possible.

Work When They Sleep

Use naptimes to your advantage. This is the best time to get work done.

If you have to do interviews or Skype interviews, schedule them for the naptimes. It will be hard with newborns but will get easier as they get older.



Hire a Babysitter for a Few Hours Each Week

There is nothing wrong with hiring a babysitter. This is the perfect time to get some extra work done while your baby is looked after.

You may be doing this to spend more time with your little one but a few hours during the day isn’t going to hurt when you can spend more time with your little ones afterwards.

Do Something that Involves the Children

Find a way to work that involves the children. For example, get them involved with your painting tasks or ask them to help by writing their own story.

This will depend on their ages and your type of work but it could really help you through the day.



Take Regular Breaks

Even without children, you need to take regular breaks. However, you may find they are more regularly with children.

Make sure your breaks are spent with your children. Play a game or have snacks and lunch together. Getting that quality time together will make up for the working.


Avoid Allowing Children Spend Too Much Time with Electronics

Encourage children to play on their own but limit their time with the electronics.

Encourage them to play with toys or go outside and play with each other. You will get the chance to work and you’ll know they’re getting the best for their development.

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