Find the Perfect Job with These Quick Steps

Do you want to find a part-time job now that the kids are in school? Maybe you just want a career before having a family. Where do you go to find a job that you know you can do? Here are a few tips to help you find something that is perfect for your needs.

Start with an Online Search

Look online for the current vacancies.

There are many job listing websites that businesses and recruiters use and you will usually find them with keywords in a search term.

You can put in parameters within the job sites to make sure it is within your area of expertise and in a location that suits you.


Save Search Terms and Get Job Alerts

Set yourself up for the job alerts. This will help to limit the amount of searching that you have to do.

You will get an alert every time a new listing within your area is posted or whenever something that suits your qualifications is there.

You have full control over these listings and can make them as wide or narrow as possible.

Organise Your CV

Make sure your CV is right for job hunting with. If you have gaps in employment, consider a skills CV. This is where the employment isn’t written in chronological order.

Instead you add the skills that you have and go into detail about where you gained them from through your work experience. If you don’t have gaps, a chronological employment CV is perfect.


Don’t Be Too Choosey About the Work

If you’re struggling to find a job within your specific area, you will need to expand. Avoid being too picky.

You don’t want to limit yourself too much on salary or on the area that you’re willing to travel to.

Of course, it still needs to be worthwhile for you but find that good balance to help you at least start.

Speak to the Companies You’d Like to Work For

You may not find job vacancies online so go into the stores or companies that you’d like to work for.

If you can’t get into them, call them and speak to the relevant staff. This allows you to create a personal level of communication and increases the chance of them accepting your CV.

They may not have current vacancies but you’ve showed the initiative by going in. Just make sure they take your CV to keep on file for a later date.


Network and Use the Connections

You never know when a job vacancy will come up. You could find one just by talking to a friend in a bar!

You could even find one at a networking event through an old employer. Networking and building connections is a powerful tool so use it to your advantage!

Business-Woman-Office-workStart Your Own Business

When all else fails, consider starting your own business. You can do it with the skills you already have and could just freelance while you build it up from the ground.

There are risks and it may be worth still looking but at least it gives you more experience and an income.

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