How to be Frugal

There is no way that your financial situation has to be a thorn in your side. Some of you have been severely affected by the present financial crisis which has also affected trillions of people worldwide, so your situation is not unique. However the way you choose to deal with is depends on your particular situation. Persons who are relatively well off may not be so harshly affected by this conundrum.

Businesses have implemented belt tightening measures so it’s not unreasonable to do the same for your own personal situations. Being frugal is not about being cheap but about being able to wriggle out of the imminent quagmire. Women seem to have a never ending bevy of expenses to deal with and sometimes it really can be disheartening.

Like prudent business people you have to employ extensive cost cutting measures to ensure your survival. Cutting cost is never a great feeling but is can be the difference between your survival or your demise. Making little adjustment to the way you spend will help you to stay afloat.

Cut out unnecessary expenses. Those coffees everyday adds up to hundreds of dollars a year. If you need your daily fix try store coffee, make at home and place in a travel mug. This way you can cut your coffee allowance in half.

Revive old clothing. Buy a few packets of clothing dye to keep cloths looking as fresh as the day you bought then. You can get two times the wear with this renewal method. Invest in separates that work well together. Your basic black dress can be worn with a jacket for daytime and without it for evening occasions. Black is always a good colour and goes with everything.

Do it your-self. You don’t need to go to the salon for a manicure every two weeks. Forgo the acrylic tips and go shellac instead. Shellac is longer wearing especially if they are in neutral colours. You may also choose to purchase nail polish and update your look at home.

Cut down on snack foods. Use cereal as substitute for snacks. It is something you already have in your pantry and it is healthier. Fruits are also a healthy alternative to chocolate and potato chips.

Eat out less. Cooking a meal at home is a guaranteed way to cut out some of your eat-out expenses. Cooking at home also allows you to experiment with dishes and taste that complement your palette. Who knows, you make not turn into a world famous chef but your cooking may improve.

Make movie night at home. Your television screen has now become your theatre screen. Your setup can rival the theatre atmosphere any day. Tit bits with dip, popcorn and pyjamas are a perfect way for the family or the girls to get-together and spend quality time together. Being frugal can open your intellect to new and interesting ways to put a different spin on the things you love to do.

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