Tips for Applying for Part-Time Jobs

The New Year is the time for many to start thinking about making changes. New Year resolutions can include losing weight, spending more time with family, or earning more money. For some of those resolutions to work, part-time jobs are required. Whether you’re currently in full-time work or you’re out of work, you need to apply for part-time jobs. Here are some tips to do that successfully.

Think About the Jobs Available

The first thing anyone needs to do is assess the jobs available and think about their skills. You need skills that will work for the jobs that you’re applying for, especially if you’re going back into work.

Think about the roles that you have done in the past, and the skills you have gained over the last few years. They don’t have to be from employment. You may have volunteered, or developed skills by helping with school needs.


Talk to Your Current or Previous Boss

Use your connections to your advantage. If you are currently in work, you may want to talk to your current boss and see if there are options to decrease your hours.

However, understand that your employer doesn’t have to accept this and there may not be positions within you area. You could also contact a previous employer if you haven’t left on bad terms or too long ago to see if there are part-time openings available to start sooner rather than later.

Place a Generic Resume Online

There are plenty of job websites online, and it may be worth creating a generic resume for these. Employers will come to look at your resume and decide whether you are right for a role.

LinkedIn is also a great option to detail your work experience and skills that you have for employers to contact you.


Create Job Specific Resumes

However, when it comes to applying for certain jobs, you need to have resumes tailored for them.

There is no point detailing the skills you gained in cooking through previous employment if you are applying for a cleaning job, for example. The job specific resumes show that you have thought about the role and increase the chance of finding work.

Tailor Your Cover Letter

Don’t forget about the cover letter. This is a brief introduction to you and why you’re perfect for the role—your resume goes into more detail.

It’s important that it stands out for all the right reasons, so tailor it for the jobs that you are applying for. Take some time to really think about this letter and what it is saying about you.


Get a Professional to Look Over Documents

There is nothing wrong with having a professional look over your resume and cover letter. If you have been out for work for a while, whatever the reason, this is a great opportunity.

A professional will be able to discuss your skills and assess the right style of resume for the specific roles that you are applying for.

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