Are You Making These Spending Rationalising Mistakes?

Do you rationalise every purchase you make? Sometimes these spending rationalisations are genuine. Your boots may have split on the sole, so you need new ones. Your jacket may be 20 years old and finally falling apart, so you need to get a new one for next winter. However, there are certain rationalisations that aren’t genuine at all. Are you making these spending rationalising mistakes?

You Can Get It Reimbursed Through Work

You need something that will help you out with your work, so you decide to buy it. It’s not going to come out of your pocket after all, right?

Well, before you buy something the next time really think about the receipts from your last purchases. Did you get them reimbursed or have you ended up paying for it out of your own funds?

You Already Spent X Amount So What’s Another Y Amount?

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on a cruise you’ve been saving up for, so what’s another $100 on a new outfit and lunch? You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on a new laptop for work, so what’s another hundred or so on a new carry case, webcam and all the extras?

It’s really easy to start thinking of smaller amounts not being that much, but they soon add up and you end up over budget?

You Already Saved Money Being at the House of Mum and Dad

You’ve spent the last couple of days at your parent’s house. That means you saved money on food, bills and even hotel costs if you were away.

That gives you every reason to spend the money you saved on something else that you probably don’t even need. Why not put that money into a savings account instead? Let it benefit you in the long run on something you really need.

You Need to Treat Yourself for Something

You’ve got a promotion or you’ve finally moved into your new home. That means treating yourself to something, right?

The problem is many people feel it justifies treating them to a lot of little things, along with the meal that their family members or spouses want to plan for them. Think about upcoming plans, and avoid wasting money on the smaller, unnecessary purchases.

You Need the Massage to Remove the Stress

A deal for a massage or spa day has come up. You know how stressed you’ve been and feel that it now justifies spending money that you probably don’t have.

This type of purchase is fine once in a blue moon, but right now you’re using it as an excuse every single week. Take a step back before you make that purchase and think about the reason for your stress to put a stop to that!

It’s the Last In Your Size

Whether it’s a new dress, new shoes or even a pretty top, you use the excuse that it’s the last in your size to buy it.

If you didn’t see it, would you really have missed it? Probably not. It’s time to let go of that excuse!

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