Going on Your First Cruise? Here are Some Tips to Follow

A cruise can be a great adventure. It’s fun, and has an element of luxury that many other holidays do not. However, you need to think carefully about packing and safety. If this is your first cruise, you will likely have a lot of questions. Here are six tips you need to follow to keep your first cruise memorable for all the right reasons.

Think About Electricity

You will usually be limited to the amount of electricity sockets you have available. While some cruises have options in the restaurant or coffee carts for those who are travelling for business, others will be limited to their cabins.

You’ll only have one or two sockets, so will need to think about charging items. It may be worth having a power adapter if you have a lot of gadgets you want to use.

You Can Bring Alcohol

In most cases, you can take one bottle of wine and a pack of soda with you. There are other chances during your trip if you stop off anywhere and are taking items back home, but you really want to think about your initial allowance.

Even if you don’t plan drinking much, it’s worth taking the allowance with you. It will be much cheaper than buying the alcohol and drinks onboard.

Don’t Rely on the Internet

Leave your laptop at home. You’re really not going to need it if you want to enjoy this cruise.

The Wi-Fi is usually expensive, and you’re not guaranteed to get a good signal due to the location of the cruise ship! There is plenty of other entertainment onboard. Mobile signal is the same. Unless you’re close to land, you’re probably not going to be in range to make your phone calls.

Do You Get Sea Sick?

Even if you don’t get car sick, sea sickness might be something you suffer from. It’s important to plan ahead because you don’t want this ruining your whole holiday.

Go to the doctors and ask for medication that can help to prevent sea sickness if you really struggle with it. If you’re not too certain, there are over the counter medications that you could take just in case.

A Carry-On Bag

It may not be a flight, but you still need to think about a carry-on bag. In some cases, the cruise companies will take your main luggage and take it to your cabins for you.

You will still need access to your money, phone and any other belongings that you’re taking with you. Pick a carry-on bag that is easy enough to throw over your shoulder, and big enough for all your carry-on needs.

Your Passport!

It’s really easy to forget about this. After all, you’re not flying! However, the cruise company will need to see it.

You are leaving your country by sailing into internationally waters and you could land in other countries along the way. Make sure it is one of the first things packed in your carry-on bag.

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