Tips Your Retail Assistant Really Wants You to Know

Have you ever wondered what goes through the minds of a retail assistant? When you’re browsing through the store or asked them questions, have you ever wondered what they’re saying between the lines? Here are some things that your retail assistant really wants you to know for the next time you go shopping.

Consider How Much Use You Will Get Out of Something

When you’re shopping around, think about whether you really need to buy something before you do. Will you wear that winter coat enough or those heels to justify the cost? If you’re going to wear something every day for the next few months it will work out cheaper and more worthwhile than something you’ll wear once or twice and then put away in a box for the rest of your life.

Are Those Shoes Really Comfy?

Too many people assume that they will break their shoes in. While there are certain issues that will be solved after a few days of wearing them, you want to make sure the shoes are comfortable from the minute you put them on your feet. This is especially the case when it comes to pain near the toes or on the balls of your feet!

Don’t be Afraid to Go the Next Size Up

Different stores size in different ways. You may be a size 6 in one store, but a size 8 in another. There is nothing wrong with admitting this—and it is better to admit it then force a dress, top or skirt on that is too small. If you are in the changing rooms, a retail assistant will be happy to go out to find the next size up for you if you want to give it a try.


Real Leather Is Definitely Worthwhile

If you’re trying to choose between the fake and real leather options, always pick the real one. While it will be more expensive, it will work out costing you less in the long run. Leather is a highly durable material, although you will need to watch out for the wet! It is more comfortable too as your skin is able to breathe while the material moulds around your body.

Buy Insoles for a Cheap Custom Fit

When it comes to shoes, don’t skimp out on the insoles. They are really beneficial when you want to get that custom fit for a low price. They are great if you find the current size is slightly too big but the size down is too small—your feet won’t have room to move, avoid blisters and other painful problems.

Sell Before You Buy

Go through your closet for a clear out and sell anything that you don’t need. There are different ways to do this, but some charity stores are even offering money for your clothes based on weight. It is better than just throwing them out. You can then use the money you gain on your new wardrobe.

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