Winter is just around the corner; for some it may feel like it’s here already. The cold weather brings a number of driving problems that you need to look out for. It’s important to drive safe, otherwise you’re putting others and yourself at risk; let alone your license. Check outRead More →

Living independently has a number of advantages, whether you’re going to college, are recently widowed or separated, or simply love the lifestyle, but perhaps its biggest disadvantage is that you live at a higher risk of robbery and home invasion. Every year, young women who live on their own areRead More →

You may have heard in the news lately about the women who are attacked while on a night out. This is usually because they have drunk too much and become vulnerable. While they’re not the blame for the attack, there are some things that they could have done to preventRead More →

Whether you are travelling on your own for business or going on holiday with friends, being a woman is statistically more dangerous than being a man. You are more at risk of a number of threats, including theft and rape. Being safe while travelling is important and you can doRead More →

Women and exploration are two discreetly different things as far as considered. It is a wrong notion that exploration and traveling are absolutely male generated stuffs and women do not find any other way rather than following the males in their way of traveling. Security and safety do not permitRead More →