Gorgeous Hairstyles to Wear Every Day of the Week

Gorgeous Hairstyles to Wear Every Day of the Week

Wouldn’t you love to do something gorgeous with your hair any day of the week? Many women believe fancy hairdos are just for events and special occasions but that really isn’t the case. Here are some great hairstyles to wear, whatever the day of week it is. No big occasion necessary.

Fishtail-BraidThe Fishtail Braid

If you are fed up of doing the same braids over and over again, now is the perfect time to try the fishtail braid. This takes a little longer at first but you will eventually get the hang of it.

It’s perfect for the workplace or just for meeting friends. The style keeps your hair out of your eyes and is suitable for all hair types.

Photo: lauraemma.com

Ponytail-BowThe Ponytail Bow

Are you looking for something different to do with your ponytail? That is now possible with the ponytail bow.

You simply make a bow with your hair at the top of the hairstyle and you have a cute but different hairstyle. Your hair will also look thicker so it’s great for those with finer hair.

Photo: beautylish.com 

Waterfall-BraidThe Waterfall Braid

What about when you prefer to wear your hair down? Hair getting into the eyes can be annoying, which is when the waterfall braid is great.

You simply braid the front strands so they go around the head and tie at the back, making it look like a headband. Not only does this hairstyle look great for the office, it is also great for a party or night out with the girls.

Photo: cutegirlshairstyles.com

Braided-HeadbandThe Braided Headband

Speaking of headbands, why not make one with your hair? This is best for those with thick hair, due to the nature of it. Start a braid at the bottom of one side and pull it over the top of your head and pin it to the other side.

If you don’t have thick or long hair, you can buy headbands that are braided. Choose one in a colour to match your hair and show off this style.

Photo: fabfashionfix.com

Pretend-BobThe Pretend Bob

Many people with longer hair would like to see what it looks like short. With the pretend bob, you can without the need to spend a fortune. It just uses a few clips to get the tips of your hair underneath.

Leave your hair down but have a professional look to it for the workplace.

Photo: publishingblog123.blogspot.com

Twisted-BunThe Twisted Bun

Buns look elegant but they can sometimes look too smart. When you want to get your hair up off your neck but still have a fashionable style to it, try the twisted bun.

It is simply a messy bun with a few twists and braids around the outside.

Photo: viphairstyles.com 

Front-QuiffThe Front Quiff

Another style to get the hair out of the eyes is the front quiff. It doesn’t matter if you have a fringe or not, this style looks elegant, stylish and is perfect for all types of occasions; even office wear.

With just a couple of hairgrips, you can have this hairstyle in moments; perfect for everyday wear.

Photo: teganiasthoughts.blogspot.com

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