The Benefits of Capsaicin For a Woman’s Body

When a woman bites into a hit pepper, that burning sensation in her mouth that lingers is called capsaicin. In addition to making peppers hot, capsaicin can do a lot more for a woman’s body. Here are the 7 health benefits of capsaicin.

Keeps the heart healthy:

Capsaicin can help protect a woman’s heart in a number of different ways. The biggest benefit of capsaicin is the fact that it can lower the amount of cholesterol a woman has in her blood.

With lower cholesterol, a woman does not have to worry about plaque in the arteries hardening them and causing a heart attack.



Boosts the metabolism:

There have been many studies done about how hot peppers can help with weight loss. What causes the body to lose weight is the capsaicin in the peppers.

A woman who likes to spice up her evening meal with a hot pepper is actually doing more for her body than just improving a bland meal.

Capsaicin speeds up the metabolism, which is going to help a woman lose weight because her body is burning fat.

Can relieve arthritis pain:

Women who suffer from arthritis can find pain relief with capsaicin ointment. When capsaicin is rubbed on any part of the body, it is going to burn at first.

However, after the burning sensation settles down, a woman is going to feel pain relief.

What happens with capsaicin ointment is first applied to any part of the body, the nerves that caused pain are targeted, and once the skin starts to absorb it the burning sensation will be replaced by a cool numbness.

The pain relief capsaicin provides will last for hours without drug intervention.

Improves digestion:

Even though capsaicin can make food spicy, it can help with digestion issues. Women who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome have found relief from their symptoms by adding mire hot peppers to their diet.

The capsaicin can kill harmful bacteria in the digestive system that can cause diarrhea and other intestinal infections.

Helps with sinus problems:

Anytime a woman eats a hot pepper, her mouth will burn and her nose may start to run.

The capsaicin will enter the sinuses, thin out the mucus membranes, and help a person breathe a lot easier. A woman that suffers from chronic congestion should try capsaicin as a way to help clear out her nasal passages.

Helps a person breathe easier:

There are many lung conditions that can make it hard for a woman to breathe. Common lung conditions like COPD can really hinder how much activity a woman can do.

Capsaicin can help lung conditions because the air passages are opened up, and can make it easier for a woman to take in air.

A natural anti-bacterial agent:

Hot peppers have antibacterial properties, and women who make hot peppers a regular part of their diet are less likely to get sick or infections.

If a woman has problems with wounds healing, like because of diabetes, than adding capsaicin to her diet can help imprve her body’s ability to heal.

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