Ankle Grazer Jeans: Look Your Best with This Year’s Fashion

Ankle Grazer Jeans: Look Your Best with This Year’s Fashion

Ankle grazer jeans are in fashion. They stop just at the ankle and definitely aren’t for everyone. Before you throw on a pair for the office or while out with friends, think about these tips to make sure you look your best with 2013’s new fashion.

blue-ankle-grazer-jeansPerfect for Shorter People

Those with long legs should try to avoid ankle grazers. They make it look like you’ve bought a pair of jeans that are too small!

Those with shorter figures will find that these jeans are perfect. They’re flattering, as long as you wear them in the right way.


blue-ankle-grazer-jeans-heels2Add Some Height

The best thing is to add some height. Wear a pair of wedges or high heels.

Any style works with ankle grazers, whether you wear open toe heels or prefer closed toe styles. Just make sure the heels match the colour of your ankle grazers.

You don’t want them to stand out too much.


blue-ankle-grazer-jeans-heelsChoose the Style Flattering for You

There are different styles of these jeans. The majority are skinny jeans style but some are more tailored. Look through the collections and find a pair that suits your figure.

Those with larger hips and thighs will find that skinny jeans aren’t the most flattering. Tailored jeans are perfect for adding some length, especially if you can add a crease down the front.

Try on different pairs to find something that suits you.


white-ankle-grazer-jeansTuck in Your Top

If you do opt for tailored jeans, tuck in your top. This gives you a more professional look and can create the perfect style for the office.

If you opt for skinny jeans, you will usually be better off keeping the top out.

Try out the different styles to find something that works for your needs and the look that you are trying to gain.


ankle-grazer-jeansWatch Out for Embroidered and Patterned Styles

There are jeans that have patterns and embroidery down them. While this can make you stand out, you need to be careful when it comes to tops.

Opt for a top that has no detail. If you have more embroidery on top, you will just add too much and it will be difficult to view.

Embroidery can help to make the hips and thighs look bigger if you are top heavy but will be too much if you’re pear shaped.


raspberry-ankle-grazer-jeansChoosing Colours

Dark colours are excellent for a more professional look. However, light and bright colours are available when buying ankle grazer jeans.

These are great for the summer months and those who have a rectangle shape.

Choose the colour to suit your own tastes, personality and figure. At the same time, think about the colour of the top you will wear!


blue-ankle-grazer-jeans-heels3Don’t Wear Socks!

It may sound obvious but avoid socks with ankle grazer jeans. If you really want to wear flat shoes with them, choose ballet pump styles or sandals.

However, the jeans look a lot better with heels that don’t need socks with them!


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