Move over classic black, there is a new go to classic for the Spring/Summer 2014, and it one that you probably wouldn’t expect…denim. Denim has seen a real revolution over the past few months and has become the hottest clothing medium on the high street. Denim has come a longRead More →

There are many ways to wear animal prints. Because they are so fashionable, designers have already created full outfit ideas with the prints in mind. You could also follow the inspirations of others to create your own. Here are some great ideas for animal print outfits to try out. TheRead More →

Denim isn’t going anywhere when it comes to style, its history can be stretched back over two centuries and it’s still as popular as ever. It’s durable, warm, and versatile. Denim has became a major wardrobe feature all over the world. This year though, classic style denim is getting aRead More →