Top Tips for Dressing the Pear Shape

Top Tips for Dressing the Pear Shape

Women with a pear shape have larger hips and smaller shoulders. Creating the hour-glass shape is actually quite easy, as long as you know the best types of clothes to wear. One of the major benefits for those with a pear shape is that the weight goes into the hips, which is actually relatively easy to hide with clothes to create a smaller waist. Then you just need to concentrate on giving the illusion of wider shoulders.

beaded-topTake the Attention Away from the Lower Body

The best thing to do is draw the attention to your upper body instead. Show off your shoulders by wearing strapless tops. Maxi dresses are a popular option because they help to cover the whole lower body with flowing material but cling to the top. If you want to help to draw the attention to your shoulders and chest, opt for accessories such as necklaces or beaded tops.

jacket-shoulder-padMake Your Shoulders Wider

Another trick is to wear tops and jackets that have shoulder pads. These don’t have to be the classic 1980s styles. There are plenty of great options with smaller pads that will just help to balance out the hips. Tailored jackets will also pull in at the waist to create that illusion of the hour-glass figure. If you’re not a fan of shoulder pads, consider jackets and tops with more detail on the shoulders. This draws the attention away from your hips and to the upper half of your body.

pleated-skirtA-line, Pleated and Flowing Skirts

If you love to wear skirts, pick those that have a smaller waist put flow over the hips. These will cover up the width of your hips while giving you the illusions of a much smaller waist. Vertical strip skirts are also a great option to make you look taller to balance the width of your hips. Vertical strips are especially great for those who are much smaller, where the weight tends to look worse.

tailored-trousersTailored Trousers with a Front Crease

For those who aren’t fans of skirts, trousers are still possible. Avoid baggy trousers but you also want to be careful of the clingy options. Skinny jeans won’t be the best option as they make your legs look smaller and accentuate the wider hips. Instead, opt for tailored trousers and jeans that have a front crease. This crease makes your legs look much longer and take the attention away from the hips.

woman-bust-chestBoost Your Chest Size

No, you don’t need to invest in plastic surgery. You can boost your chest size naturally with a well-fitting bra. Invest in a professional service to take your measurements and find a bra that will suit your needs. They often listen to your goals or any special outfit that you need the bra for to make sure it works for you.

Creating the hour-glass figure when you are a pear shape is relatively easy. The trick is to make your shoulders look bigger to balance out your hips. Flowing skirts and strapless tops are great for that.

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