How To Make Healthy Stuffing For Thanksgiving

How To Make Healthy Stuffing For Thanksgiving

Turkeys cooked for Thanksgiving can be stuffed with any number of stuffing from bread to cornbread. However, any kind of bread is going to make the stuffing high in carbohydrates and calories. To make the Thanksgiving meal healthier, there are ways to turn stuffing into a healthy food.

ground-turkeyUse Healthier Meat:

Some people love to make their stuffing with meat, but the kind of meat can make a difference. If beef is used for the stuffing, then ground turkey can make a healthier alternative.

If ground turkey is used, it can be seasoned just like hamburger, and no one will be able to tell the difference.

ButterDo Not Use Butter:

Butter is often used for flavor, but it has a lot of fat. While some people use margarine as a butter substitute it is still not a healthy option.

The best and healthiest way to make the stuffing good for the whole family is to use olive oil instead of butter.

whole-grain-breadUse a Healthier Kind of Bread:

Stuffing can be made from white bread and cornbread. However, both white and cornbread can have a lot of calories, and many people are trying to watch their diets.

The best bread for the stuffing is to use multigrain bread because it has more nutrients than any other type, and no one will be able to tell what kind of bread is being used for the stuffing.

turkey-stuffing-cranberryAdd More Vegetables or Fruits:

Meat in Thanksgiving stuffing is traditional, but for people who are trying to make Thanksgiving healthier, the meat can be taken out.

However, to make the stuffing better for everyone that eats it, vegetables can be used instead of meat. The most flavorful vegetable to use for the stuffing can be carrots, zucchini, celery, and onion.

brown-riceUse Brown Rice:

Another popular way to make stuffing is to use rice.

While white rice is what is often used, the best kind of rice to use is brown rice, which has a lot more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients than regular white rice.

roasted-turkeySpices Can Be Used for a More Flavorful Dressing:

Chicken or beef broth is often used to make the bread stuffing have a lot more flavor.

However, the problem with broth is the fact that it can be high in fat and sodium. Instead of using broth, extra spices can be added to make up for what the broth can provide.

Some of the best spices to use include rosemary, thyme, garlic, and even chili powder. When combined in the right way, people will complement the chef on the delicious stuffing that has a lot of flavor.

eggsUse Egg Substitute:

Another ingredient often used in stuffing is eggs especially if the stuffing is made from bread. Women who are watching their cholesterol might not be able to enjoy stuffing because of the eggs that are used in it.

However, egg substitute can be used instead of real eggs, and women with high cholesterol can be able to enjoy stuffing again thanks to the fact that egg substitute exists and can be used in the preparation of many dishes for Thanksgiving.

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