Great Climbing Plants for a Small Home

Great Climbing Plants for a Small Home

You may love plants but the floor space just doesn’t allow it. Climbing plants are perfect for smaller homes. They look beautiful and offer many of the same benefits. There are some that are better than others and well worth considering, including the following.

Abutilon-Kentish-BelleThe Abutilon Kentish Belle

This plant is very easy for those who are just starting out and grows quickly. It is commonly called the Chinese Lantern or Flowering Maple due to its colours and the way it grows.

The flowers are a mixture of red and yellow and really stand out, despite being small in size. You will need to train it to go upwards as it can chose to grow on its own and around the pot.


Nasturtium-Flame-ThrowerThe Nasturtium Flame Thrower

If you love bright colours, this is another one to choose for your small area. You may have heard that Nasturtiums are difficult to train and grow quickly and in large areas but this isn’t the case for the Flame Thrower.

The seeds are sterile so you can limit the amount that grow in your home and train them to go upwards.


Sweet-Pea-CupaniSweet Pea Cupani

Sweet peas have beautiful shades and the Cupani is no different. It has a bold royal purple colour and really stands out. It is considered to be the original sweet pea and is a natural climber.

It is best to plant them close to a wire trellis but this isn’t a necessity; it just helps them grow naturally. They are annuals and best planted in the spring for the summer months.


Petunia-Tidal-WaveThe Petunia Tidal Wave

Depending on where you plant the tidal wave petunias, you could see them cascading downwards or growing upwards. They are beautiful though and suit may different needs and home sizes.

They have purple and pink flowers during the summer and are best planted during the spring months to get ready. It is possible for them to grow up to six feet in height!


Ipomoea-Heavenly-BlueIpomoea Heavenly Blue

The Heavenly Blue is another annual plant and will look perfect with the Cupani. If you want an evergreen one for your garden, there are other ipomoeas available. The heavenly blue grows upwards, quickly and easily.

There is little maintenance needed and it won’t take up a lot of space width-wise. It is also known as morning glory because the flowers blossom on a morning and then die quickly in the evening and repeat that cycle.

Thunbergia-Alata-SuperstarThunbergia Alata Superstar

The superstar also goes by the name Black Eyed Susan and grows very quickly. The flowers are bright orange and do really help to brighten up darker homes but they can be difficult to manage.

It is best to plant the seeds during February and March under glass and then transferred to pots as they get bigger.

By early summer, they will be ready for the garden. However, you will need to keep clipping them as they grow over trellises very quickly and can be a pain.

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