7 Quick Tips for Cleaning the House

7 Quick Tips for Cleaning the House

Does it seem like you spend every day off cleaning the house? When you want to get other things done, you need quick ways of doing the chores. That doesn’t mean hiding everything in a cupboard! Here are some quick tips to clean your whole house.

cleaning-kitchenHave a Pattern for Kitchen Cleaning

Once the washing up is done, it’s time to clean the surfaces. Start by placing the stove knobs and drip pans in water and then work on cleaning the stove and over.

From here, work your way around the kitchen clockwise. Once you’re done, everything in the sink will virtually wipe clean! The oven is the worst part to clean so doing it first will make everything else seem easy.

cleaning-kitchenClean the Dishwasher Once a Week

It won’t take long if you do it regularly. Use some baking soda with warm water and wipe around the edges and inside. It will stop food from clogging up the drain and will help everything clean quickly.

If you can, avoid using the dishwasher and do the dishes the old-fashioned way – it will save a lot of money and time!

clean-ovenClean As You Use

Whether it is cutlery or you’re opening the mail, clean up things as you use them or do something.

This stops everything from piling up and you no longer feel like you spend all your time doing the chores. This is especially important when cooking dinner, especially with guests!

man-cleaningGet the Family to Help Out

You didn’t make all the mess yourself – unless you live alone! – so get the other culprits to help out. Set up a list of chores suitable for everyone. Even toddlers can help out with the cleaning tasks.

If someone doesn’t want to help, make it clear that if things are thrown out that they want to keep it is their own fault.

sweep-tired-housewifeSweep Inwards

Put the dirt to the middle of the room. This helps to avoid missing anything along the way. Don’t try to rush the job; you will just spread the dirt further away and it could go underneath the cabinets!

Do it methodical and it will take less time in the end. This is a great task for children to do, even the younger ones.

child-laundry-washing-machineTennis Balls for the Dryer

If you regularly use the dryer, avoid using dryer sheets. They just dry out the fabric and make them more static.

Add clean, new tennis balls to your pile. It may sound annoying but you will have soft non-static sheets when its finished.

holding-clock-timeTime Your Chores

You’ll be surprised to hear that your chores don’t actually take up that much time – it is the procrastination and finding something else to do that makes it worse. Time your chores to see how long it takes you.

You could then work on setting records (and this works for children). However, it still has to be completed to the same standard otherwise the record doesn’t count!

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