Cleaned Your Kitchen? Watch Out for These Areas

Cleaned Your Kitchen? Watch Out for These Areas

If you’ve recently cleaned your kitchen, you may stand back with a proud look on your face. However, you need to watch out for some areas. They gather more dirt and bacteria than other areas and are regularly missed during the clean. Have you forgotten about one of these?

dirty-dishes-sinkInside Your Kitchen Sink

You fill the sink with water, right? How could that possibly be dirty? Well, think about how the water ends up after washing.

Even if you use a washing up bowl, you will pour it into the sink and all that left over meat, dregs of vegetables and germs go down the drain. Well, you hope they do. Clean your sink on a daily basis at least!

kitchen-sink-dishwashing-ragYour Rags, Sponges and Cloths

Another area that you probably completely forget about are the rags and cloths that you use for cleaning.

They can get left in mouldy water or may not be rinsed after washing those dishes, pots and pans. It’s really hard to wash out these and your rags and cloths need to be changed daily.

Make sure you wash them in hot water to remove all the germs and bacteria that build up. For sponges and brushes, use disinfectant on them daily.

drinking-coffeeThe Coffee Maker and Teapot

Whether you enjoy tea or coffee, both of your items can end up mouldy and full of bacteria. The coffee maker is the most common but watch out for the spout in your teapot!

Coffee machines can be washed monthly to get rid of the build up but the teapot should be washed on a daily basis and really focus on washing out the spout. It’s hard but worth it.

girl-peeking-doorThe Handles, Knobs and Switches

Think about the amount of spillages that happen in your kitchen. It could be the fat spitting back at you as you fry the sausages or the germs passed to the light switches after washing up and forgetting about your hands!

Make sure you wipe down the switches, knobs and handles with disinfectant on a daily basis.

cleaning-kitchenYour Countertop

You know this. This is why you clean it daily. However, wiping it down is not going to be enough.

You need to get the disinfectant out and kill off all those germs. You’ll be surprised at the amount of items that can pass germs around the countertops, including your shopping bags!

microwave-ovenThe Microwave

You clean out the microwave, right? Many people forget about the spillages that can happen here, especially on the top.

One quick tip is to put a beaker full of water in the microwave for a couple of minutes. The water will let steam out and it makes it easier to wipe off all the residue instead of scrubbing. Then you can disinfect.

cleaning-garbage-litterYour Trash Can

All that rubbish goes into black bags, which is great, but they don’t stop all the mould and bacteria growing.

Every time you empty the bag, you need to bleach your bin and wash it all down. This gets rid of anything that may have spilled accidentally. And don’t for the bin lid!

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