Don’t Make These Cleaning Mistakes!

Don’t Make These Cleaning Mistakes!

Think that bleach gets rid of everything? Are you sure that scrubbing is the best thing for that stain? There are a lot of mistakes that people make when it comes to mopping up spills and try to spring clean their home. You need to watch out for the following mistakes and avoid making them.

scrub-carpet-cleaningScrubbing the Carpet Isn’t Going to Work!

Oh no! You’ve spilt red wine on the carpet or got bolognese sauce on a blanket. The first thing you want to do is scrub them to get them clean. Stop right there!

Scrubbing isn’t going to help and when it comes to the carpet, it’s going to damage the fibres. Scrape up everything you can first and then blot the area with a dry towel until everything is dry.

From there, you can use a stain remover to get the rest of it out of the carpet, or blanket or anything else you’ve spilt something on.

cleaning-lemonVinegar and Lemon Aren’t That Mild!

These two cleaners are great for most things. They’ll clean the counter tops and you can even use diluted solutions on the windows.

However, they’re not the best for all items. If you have a natural stone mantelpiece or item in your home, don’t use them. They will bleach the colouring and that’s an expensive mistake!

spongeThe Scrubber on the Back of Sponges Isn’t for Everything

When you have a stubborn bit of food stuck to a dish, you instantly want to find something stronger to clean it. However, that scrubber on the back of the sponge could damage the dish.

This is common with Teflon and other non-stick surfaces—it scratches the surfaces off. Leave the dish into soak in some hot soapy water and it will be much easier to wipe clean.

cleaning-supplies-sponge-bleachAny Cleaner Will Work for Your Needs

Oven cleaner is just as good as bleach for the tile floors, right? Stop right there because you’re about to make a big mistake! Not all cleaners can be used on all materials.

Oven cleaners are highly erosive because of some of the grease that collects in the oven. It is going to be too harsh for many other countertops and floors. Read the labels and check that the item is right for the job.

cleaning-tableYou Need to Use Polish When You Dust

Polish is an old item for old furniture. Now, it is designed with a topcoat for easier dusting. No polish necessary.

The only time you will need to think about it is if you have something antique or that you inherited and doesn’t have that topcoat.

cleaning-toiletAll Cleaners Will Disinfect

There is a common misconception that you can use any cleaner for disinfecting surfaces.

This isn’t the case. You need to make sure the product really does include a disinfectant—it will be an EPA number.

ground-coffeeCoffee Grounds Clean the Garbage Disposal

Many manufacturers tell you that you can put the coffee grounds down the garbage disposal and it will help to clean it.

However, they miss out the fact that you need to run the water. Watch out for coffee grounds getting stuck!

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