On September 1, 2009, I embarked on a humbling journey of self-exploration to the heart of Africa. For a month, I immersed myself in the culture of the Maasai tribe while adopting and learning from their customs and culture in the rural village of Kajiado, Kenya. This 6-part series chroniclesRead More →

Being fashionable is important for many. Of course, that shouldn’t take away from being comfortable! Every summer, there are new trends and styles to choose between. Here are the top ones for this summer. Maxi Dresses Maxi dresses are still popular. They hit the high streets in the summer ofRead More →

Fashion changes by the season and by the year. To remain up to date, you need to check out the latest fashion trends. You could take some time to walk around the stores to find something that you like and is fashionable but why bother wasting that time? Find outRead More →

With the economy still in trouble, people are still looking for ways to save money. They don’t want to give up all their luxuries but aren’t prepared to pay the hundreds and thousands that they have done in the past. Here are a few tips for saving your money onRead More →

Being a teenager is all about finding something fashionable and trendy. There are many different types of styles around and this summer has choices for all tastes. Here are seven of the top trends for teen fashion this summer. The Tote Bag The tote bag become popular in 2012 andRead More →

There are so many beauty products on the market that advertise incredible results and claim to be necessary parts of your beauty regimen. However, not every beauty product found in your bathroom cabinet actually works. Some products actually do more harm than good and shouldn’t be a part of yourRead More →

There are many different types of swimsuits available. Some are the full body ones but you can buy bikinis, tankinis and those with parts cut out. With so many available, how do you know which is the best for you? Here are some steps to choose the right one forRead More →

Vitamin D is the vitamin that individuals gain from the sunlight when they are outside, a vitamin that is vital to appropriate health and wellness. Unfortunately, many women have found themselves taking the necessity of this vitamin to an extreme, tanning their skin to the point of being unhealthy andRead More →

Anyone who is fortunate enough to be raising babies and infants knows that when nap times become an issue that has to be forced upon a child, many parents are hesitant in knowing exactly how to handle their children, especially those new parents. While some children may become disheveled andRead More →