Vitamin D: Necessity vs Poison

Vitamin D is the vitamin that individuals gain from the sunlight when they are outside, a vitamin that is vital to appropriate health and wellness. Unfortunately, many women have found themselves taking the necessity of this vitamin to an extreme, tanning their skin to the point of being unhealthy and in serious consequence of negative health issues.

Vitamin D can be found within pill form if you are someone who finds yourself regularly seated behind a desk and indoors, but it is still recommended that you get your daily allotment of about 15 minutes outdoors within the rays of the sun. However, what happens when people take the absorption of sunlight to the extreme? That is going to be further evaluated in the following.

Excess of anything health related is actually considered a toxin to the body, vitamin D, included. People who spend an excessive amount of time in the sun are generally plagued with wrinkled skin, age spots, and possibly cancerous melanoma, which is basically a type of skin cancer commonly acquired through excess exposure to sun light.

This does not mean that you should be hesitant about going outdoors, but it does mean that you should always take the proper precautions with wearing appropriate clothing coverage, as well as a high enough level of SPF sunscreen, in order to ensure that your skin is void of the negative consequences associated with over exposure to the sun.

While tanning beds have certainly become all the rage, with young and older women, alike, this does not mean that they are something that people should be gravitating towards in order to gain an additional level of tanned skin and higher self esteem. Spray tans should be utilized for purposes of darkened skin, as they are much less harmful to the wellbeing of the individual who is getting the tan, allowing for the individual to be outside solely for reasons of gaining their much needed vitamin D. Why put your health at risk for something that can be acquired in such a limited amount of time?

Over exposure to the sun has long since been considered a bad thing for the skin on the body, but the effects on additional parts of the body are generally overlooked. Without proper eye protection, the sun can have damaging effects on the sensitive layers within the eye, often causing issues with eye sight and ability to focus later in life.

In addition, spending too much time in the sun causes sweating, and if you are not properly rehydrating, which many women are generally not doing, then you can become dehydrated and end up spending the afternoon in a hospital hooked to an IV, attempting to regain the lost necessary fluids. Unless any of this sounds like an ideal scenario for you, then it is highly recommended that you take the proper precautions in ensuring that you are safe and protected from the harm of unnecessary amounts of sunlight.

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