Women know what to do to keep their skin as healthy as possible, right? They avoid the sun, wear sunscreen, get facials and moisturize day and night. Unfortunately, that’s just not enough! You are what You Eat… and don’t Eat When you don’t eat, you keep valuable vitamins and mineralsRead More →

Today’s job market is tough, and when you land an interview you want to make sure you do whatever you can to make a great impression. A lot of people focus on their resume and question answers for their interview and think that it’s enough to make a good impression.Read More →

Baby animals are just so hard to resist: those big eyes, those clumsy movements, those tiny little cries and noises! Puppies, kittens, and bunnies charm us every day in person or online but what about some of the more exotic little creatures out there? Some zoo animals have recently givenRead More →

It is no secret that there are many dirty things that men think about women and women too think dirty things about men. To what extent men are to be blamed or women are to be held accountable is a subject of another debate. In here, we look at theRead More →