Having dark underarms is much more common than you think. They are the result of accumulation of dead skin that area because of many factors mainly shaving, the use of alcohol based deodorants, sweating and the lack of proper ventilation in the area. However, just because it is common, itRead More →

You and your husband both work, and sometimes between your two schedules, it is difficult to find time to spend a night with just the two of you. When your two schedules actually allow for you both to be home, then it is important for you to have a dateRead More →

When looking into makeup options, eye shadow is always one thing to buy. There are so many different colours to choose between and different ingredients to opt for, how do you know which is the best? This takes some time and often trial and error to find the best oneRead More →

Acne is a common problem for many women and since its causes are not properly identified, it is difficult to control and cure. And if that is not good enough, acne pimples often leave scars, so once you’re done with an acne flare up, you will have to deal withRead More →

When you want to spend some intimate time with your partner, you may want to protect yourself against pregnancy. It is also important to protect yourself against sexual transmitted infections (STIs), including Chlamydia and HIV. Here are some of the contraceptive options to help avoid pregnancy and STIs. Abstinence IsRead More →

Women have a more important role in families than most of them comprehend. Society values when a person receives a paycheck for their work, but there is no paycheck for being a woman in a family. Realistically, there might not be enough money in the world to be able toRead More →

Your work is important to you, and you have just been given the opportunity to move up the ladder of success. However, before you move into that new office, you need to think about your wardrobe and how you dress. If your wardrobe is lacking, you need to think aboutRead More →

Many of us think that the best way to determine someone’s personality is by their hair color. However, did you know that the color of your eyes can say a lot about the type of person that you are without you even saying anything? Many of us may think it’sRead More →