Caring for Your Skin After Out in the Sun

Summer is coming to an end but that doesn’t mean the risk on your skin is any less. Even in the fall and winter, the sun can be out and the harmful rays can damage your skin cells. You need to protect your skin and look after it afterwards. Here are some tips for revitalising and caring for your skin after a trip in the sun.

Add After Sun Lotion

You can buy lotion specifically designed for treatment after being out in the sun.

These are great if you have suffered some sun burn as they are cooling. Avoid rubbing them completely into the skin.

The point of them is to remain moisture and offer a protective layer to working in slowly. This will also avoid rubbing the painful skin.



Moisturise Your Skin Regularly

Most after sun lotions will have some moisturising cream but that doesn’t mean you don’t need your own.

Whether you have sun burn or not, the sun will soak up some of the water within your body and leave your skin looking dry and bland. Invest in a quality moisturising cream with added nutrients.

Cucumber and yogurt creams are an excellent option as they also add nutrients back into your skin.

Pick the Right Foods

Some foods are better for healing any damage and adding moisture than others.

Fruit and vegetable are the obvious choices. Red, yellow and orange options are great for adding the nutrients back into your skin and promote healing.

Kale, spinach and other dark, leafy greens are also excellent options for healing damage caused by the UVA.



Focus on Getting Antioxidants

The sun’s UV rays are linked to skin cancer. The best thing you can do is fight against the free radicals that cause cancer cells to form and you can do that by getting plenty of antioxidants.

Berries are excellent sources of these. You can also protect your skin cells by eating foods rich in Omega 3.

Add Lavender to Some Cool Water

Lavender is full of anti-inflammatory properties. Add a few drops to some cool water and place it over your skin.

Not only will you find it refreshing but you will find that you handle any skin damage from the skin. Lavender is also a natural product so there is little chance of an allergic reaction like there is with over-the-counter creams.



Use Chamomile Lotion to Cure Itching

The sun damage can cause damage to the nerves. As they get the feeling back, your skin becomes itchy and annoying.

You can calm this down by using chamomile lotion. This is usually available in most chemists and can be dabbed on with some cotton wool pads.

Drink Plenty of Water

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. This not only helps your skin but avoids any other damage from the sun.

Your organs will get all the water they need to function properly, which means your skin will be healed much quicker and easier.

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