Stretch marks are a common problem. They are most associated with those who put on weight quickly, such as during pregnancy, but can happen whenever the skin expands or shrinks quickly. They are caused by tears in the middle layers of the skin due to poor elasticity. Avoid Them ThatRead More →

Everyone wants to enjoy life but stresses often get in the way. It may be work stress or you may be worried about your finances. Stress doesn’t just affect the way that you feel but your health. While you can’t avoid all stress, you can follow tips to live healthierRead More →

Oily hair is commonly seen as the hardest to deal with. People wash their hair to strip it of the oils and grease but this actually makes the situation worse. It encourages the hair to produce more oils. Those who use conditioners, especially leave-in ones, will also find that theirRead More →

The apple shape is one of the most common body shapes for women but is the hardest to dress for. This is when the waist is wider than the hips and chest and it makes it harder to create the classic hour-glass figure that every woman wants. However, that doesn’tRead More →