4 Tips for Dressing for the Apple Shape

The apple shape is one of the most common body shapes for women but is the hardest to dress for. This is when the waist is wider than the hips and chest and it makes it harder to create the classic hour-glass figure that every woman wants. However, that doesn’t make it impossible!

Look Slimmer

Choosing the right type of clothes could make you look slimmer and give the impression that you have a smaller waist. You will have more confidence and it will help you much more in life – with love, friends and work.








Avoid the Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal stripes will make you look bigger than you really are so avoid them at all costs. If you want to go with stripes, opt for the vertical ones. These make you look taller and help to streamline your body. In essence, they make you look thinner than you really are. There are many dresses, skirts and tops that use vertical stripes to make you look thinner and dress to impress.

Use a Belt Around Your Waist

You want to make it look like your waist is smaller and the best way to do that is by adding a belt. This draws the attention to your waist – making it look like there is one there – and away from the round figure. You can use other dressing tips to help accentuate the hips and chest to help further the illusion. The best is especially beneficial if you have a larger one. It will help to pull in more of the tummy area and you can use accessories on the side or at the back to focus more of the attention to the “waist”.

Wrap Dresses Are Your Friend

You will be surprised at the benefits of a wrap dress. These are often made of material that isn’t clingy and flow over your hips to make them look wide than your waste. The wrap then creates a belt look to accentuate a smaller looking waist. The top of the dress will show off your cleavage – and definitely show off your assets! You will create the classic hour-glass figure within minutes and still look smart and professional. Wrap dresses are perfect for the office, shopping with the girls or a date.


A-Line Skirts Create the Perfect Waist

If you prefer skirts over dresses, the a-line skirt is the perfect option. This will help to draw in your waist but make your hips look bigger, naturally creating the hour-glass shape. Pleated skirts are another option to create the same effect. When wearing an a-line skirt, wear a top that you can tuck in. This helps with creating the illusion of a waist. The last thing you want to do is hide the benefit of the waistline as it will just make you look bigger!

Dressing for the apple shape is harder than others but still possible. Use the shape of clothes to your advantage to pull in the waist and make your shoulders and hips look wide.

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