Driving in Flats: Why They’re the Best Shoes to Drive In

Women wear all sorts of footwear and end up driving in them all the time. There are some that are better for driving than others, for safety and comfort. Flat shoes are considered the best and here are some of the reasons why.

Easier to Use the Peddles

Flat shoes give you more stability and make it easier to use the peddles. You can feel your heels on the floor of the car and quite easily push the peddles up and down.

However, there are some women who find a slight heel better if they have shorter calf muscles.

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Use the Right Power on the Peddles

It is much easier to use the right type of power since your heels are on the floor.

When you wear other types of footwear, whether heeled boots, high heels or even flip flops, you tend to take your heel off the floor so you could put too much power or not enough onto the peddles.

This can be dangerous whether you are breaking or accelerating.

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Better for Switching Between

Wearing flip flops and heels makes it slower to switch between the different peddles. There are always the fears that your foot will get caught or your heel will slip and that slows the process down.

This can lead to danger, especially if you are moving to the break in an emergency!

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Tied Flat Shoes Won’t Get Stuck

Shoes can come off, even flat ones. Some of the best types of shoes are those that are tied to your feet.

They don’t come off under the peddles or get stuck, which could lead to accidents if you cannot switch between peddles quickly enough. Flip flops are among the most problematic when it comes to slipping or getting stuck!

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More Stability for the Ankles

Flat shoes offer more stability on the ankles. This is a major benefit when driving. If you wear heels and are on the back of them, there are chances that your ankle will give and your foot slips off the peddle.

While you might be able to get your foot back in place, it might not be quick enough to avoid an accident.

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You Have More Confidence

By knowing that your shoes are safer and more comfortable to drive in, you will have more confidence.

You won’t drive slow trying to avoid accidents—and possibly cause more—and you know your footwear isn’t going to be the reason for something happening. You can drive at your normal ability.

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Driver Tip: Have a Pair of Shoes for Driving in the Car

Since flat shoes are so beneficial for driving, it is worth having a pair just for that in the car. This is great if you know you are driving to the beach or to an event where you need a pair of shoes that aren’t the best.

They will also last since they are specifically for driving around in and not for using outside. Find a pair that is comfortable and suitable for the peddles.

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